100hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands for November 2017

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11 Days 100hr Hot Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Netherlands with Rise & Shine Yoga from November 9 – 19, 2017

Take your yoga practice to the very next level with this 100hr Hot (Bikram) Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands featuring eleven days of dedicated training to get you prepared (and certified) to begin teaching hot yoga to fellow students at select yoga studios and even at private locations of you and your students’ choice.

And, November 2017 is a HUGE month of the year for yoga with a full list of retreats available around the globe as well as teacher training’s that you can attend, too, so you can book your month full of yoga (while you save on flights to get you there).

See the details for this specific hot yoga teacher training below and send an inquiry to learn more so that you can reserve your spot as soon as you can.

What’s included

  • 100 hours classical (Bikram) Yoga
  • Discover the transformative, healing power of yoga and learn how to take your yoga off the mat
  • Learn how to find your unique authentic voice, skills, and talents for your and your students benefit
  • Learn how to create and hold a professional and safe inspiring space for your students
  • Learn to teach hot yoga in a safe, mindful, empowering way
  • 100 hours Participation certificate
  • 10 nights accommodation

Details for Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands with Rise & Shine Yoga from November 9 – 19, 2017

From Rise & Shine Yoga:

This yoga teacher training is the first module of the two modules of a 225-hours program that has been approved by Yoga Alliance. You will receive a 100 hours Participation certificate after participating in this training. If you participate in both modules, you will receive a 200 hours Yoga Alliance certificate. After participating in both modules, you are able to teach Hot classic or Bikram style classes, Hot flow classes, and Hot core fusion classes. In this training, you will find time to dive into some yoga philosophic lectures, meditations and explorations of values, and root teachings of ancient yoga lineage.

This whole training aims to create a space where you can all grow together and connect deeper with yourselves. You are going to learn how to create that sacred space for transformation, healing, and awakening for others. You will also learn the tools to enhance that space.

You will have time for teaching lab, or practice teaching hours, and a couple of work to support you in gaining experience even if this is your first teacher training journey. You will also have a session about marketing, and the business part of being a yoga teacher. These sessions will inspire you in finding your creative ways to build love, abundance, and joy with teaching yoga.

Training module 1: 11 Days 100-hours Hot yoga classic or Bikram style

In this module, you will learn in-depth from experienced and inspiring teacher Erin Terziff, about the classical Hot yoga sequence. The original Hot yoga sequence contains 26 Hatha yoga poses and two breathing exercises that you will practice in a room heated between 38 to 40 degrees Celcius.

This series of static postures are designed to explore the body inside-out, touching every system and every cell. In combination with the heat, the sequence and anatomy of the class bring the students along a journey, which requires mindfulness, focus, and relaxation. The effects touch the body, mind, and spirit, which allows a glimpse into the zone, a place you are most clearly on your path and at your best, through presence, effort, and ease.

You will dedicate the first 100 hours of your training to this sequence, so you will be able to understand it deeper and transmit it in a great, safe, inspiring, and transformative way. Each day, you will practice it two times. So you really anchor it in your body, you learn the dialogue and you learn to use your words as well.

The hot classic curriculum topics include:

  • Teaching beyond the narrative: dissecting the literature, posture by posture, and identifying the meaning behind the words
  • Hot yoga sequencing: peaks and timing
  • Anatomy of Hot yoga
  • Philosophy of a teacher: applying science, mythology, yoga philosophy, life experience, and management techniques to bring out the best in each student
  • Karma yoga: understanding the impact of daily practice on daily living and positive outcomes with heart-centered, mindful, real world implementation of yoga
  • Observing bodies: adjustments for deeper understanding of the mind-body connection; modifications for meeting individual student needs while keeping them safe
  • Warm-ups or extensions: how to prepare for class and how to go beyond the beginners’ practice

Meet the Rise & Shine Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

Kata van Doesselaar

Kata van Doesselaar is an experienced yoga teacher, breath and massage therapist, healer, and coach. She is practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching yoga for seven years. She has been trained in various styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa until she found her Maha teacher, Shiva Rea, that she feels the most inspired by. So Kata’s primary style became the Prana Vinyasa flow yoga (Krishnamacharya lineage) that Los Angeles-based​ Shiva Rea founded, and she still keeps learning from it as a lifelong student.

Erin Terziff

Erin is a certified and experienced yoga teacher based in Los Angeles, California, USA. She discovered yoga after looking for an alternative to long distance running and football, which had seriously injured her Achilles.

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Teacher Training Costs for the November 2017 100hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training in the Netherlands

  • 1 person (shared double room)
    $2,055 USD
  • 2 persons (double room)
    $4,109 USD

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