5 Popular Yoga Retreats for Less Than $500 Each

Top 5 Retreats Less Than $500 USD This Year

With every new year comes more and more new yoga retreats popping up all around the world, making it possible for traveling yogis to explore the globe while attending yoga retreats in pretty much every popular destination known to the industry. Well, this year, we’ve pulled from a list of some of the hottest budget yoga retreats available and narrowed them down to five of the best international yoga retreats that cost less than $500 USD per retreat. So, whether you’re watching your budget for the new year like we mentioned in our recent highlight of 4 Of The Best 4 Day Yoga Retreats For 2019 or you’re just simply looking for highly ranked yoga retreats near to your location, you’re bound to save some extra monies while you travel with the list of featured retreats below.

6 Day Yoga Retreat in India


Rishikesh, India

from $290 USD

4 Day Yoga Retreat in Bali

Atwas Awan Retreats

Bali, Indonesia

from $412 USD

4 Day Yoga Retreat in Cambodia

Blue Indigo Cottage Retreats

Siem Reap, Cambodia

from $180 USD

4 Day Yoga Retreat in Spain

Omshanti Retreats

Barcelona, Spain

from $242 USD

8 Day Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Vedic Arogya Ashram

Kathmandu, Nepal

from $360 USD

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