The Hottest Hot Yoga Retreats for 2019

All About Hot Yoga Retreats

If you haven’t yet tried yoga with the heat on, let us make a simple recommendation for you — try hot yoga. Typically conducted in yoga spaces heated to up to temperatures of approximately 40 degrees Celsius (105 degrees for our Fahrenheit friends 😉 ), hot yoga surely helps to increase the detoxification effects of yoga , making most students sweat while practicing. In addition to the enhanced detox benefits of hot yoga, other common testimonials rave about improved flexibility (allowing you to go “deeper” into postures more safely), strength, focus, stamina and breathing while also helping with relaxation and sleep (after class). This year, we invite you to book some hot yoga retreats in your travel plans to reap the benefits while also connecting with fellow hot yogis from around the globe. See our list of the four most popular, top ranked hot yoga retreats with some of the best yoga schools in the world.

4 Most Popular Hot Yoga Retreats Online

7 Day Hot Yoga Retreat in Australia

Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga

Tranquil Point

Tasmania, Australia

from $1,291 USD

14 Day Hot Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga

Action Point

Phuket, Thailand

from $1,859 USD

3 Day Hot Yoga Retreat in Germany

Hot Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga

Studio 39 Hot Yoga & Wellness

Walluf, Germany

from $329 USD

7 Day Hot Yoga Retreat in Indonesia

Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga

Hot Bikram Retreats

Bali, Indonesia

from $1,950 USD

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