A Delectable Vegan Yoga Retreat in Transylvania

Yoga Retreats In A World Full Of Vegans

It’s 2019 and in case you missed the trend, vegan friendly lifestyles are becoming a thing of the future for our world. With a majority of the yoga community naturally eating vegan friendly meals (and living health conscious lives of peace, love and compassion for everyone), it’s not any wonder that there’s a huge demand for vegan yoga retreats. Well, if having your yoga and eating vegan too is for you, this 6 Day Vegan Yoga Retreat in Trasylvania, Romania with Akasha Wellness Retreats should satisfy every single one of your taste buds and then some. Enjoy! ❤

The Sweetest Vegan Yoga Retreat of the Year

6 Day Vegan Yoga Retreat in Romania

Akasha Wellness Retreat

Transylvania, Romania

from $798 USD

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